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They can’t see us.


This is not only is it a very effective way in gathering intelligence during an ongoing investigation, but we have found that one of the best methods to eliminate criminal activities in the work place is by placing our undercover operatives into your work force.  They gather information and modus operandi on criminal activities.  This is very effective as management can have an understanding on how crimes took place and put methods in place to prevent reoccurrence of said events. We boast a high success rate with our well-trained undercover operatives.


Our agents understands that the nature of the work is such that it requires extreme confidentiality and it is also understood that in order to assist in the investigation the agent needs to disguise himself as either an employee of the client or as a contractor providing a service to the client. The undercover agent is infiltrated into a predefined problem area in a manner agreed upon between the client and ourselves.  The vitally important infiltration process is supervised by an undercover specialist from our office.


The handling of information received from each agent is orchestrated by an investigator from our office.  Feedback to our client occurs on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, where necessary.


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