What are the benefits of background screening?

Benefits of background/pre-employment screening

What are the benefits of background screening?

In a perfect world, we would all be able to trust what a candidate says in their CV or during their interview. In reality, however, you can never really be sure that a person is telling the truth about their qualifications and achievements. A background check carried out by a professional investigator would be well worth the time and cost.

Most employers take a gamble and decide to give the new employee the benefit of the doubt. That’s fine but what if you could make your recruiting decisions with absolute certainty? What if you could avoid major problems further down the line?

This is the assurance and peace of mind that pre-employment screening can offer you. There are three benefits that you get from consulting us to do background checks on your potential employees.

Let Pre-Screening Put Your Mind at Ease

Firstly, you can be absolutely sure that the candidate you select is absolutely and objectively the best one from among your applicants. You know that everything they claim about their background is true, meaning, not only that their qualifications are perfect but that they have honesty and integrity.

Secondly, you avoid later problems. If you hire a person without a background check, only to discover that they actually are not qualified and have lied to you, you may be dealing with financial and reputational losses to your company, as well as the hassle of having to find a replacement. There may also be legal implications.  With a background check, you remove these risks.

Thirdly, you outsource an important HR function so that you can carry on with other things. HR departments are busy day in and day out. You have new candidates to consider, you have current employees to care for, you have paperwork to complete. There is likely nobody in your office who has the time or the expertise to go and dig around in an individual’s past. If you hand it to us, however, you can continue with your other tasks and know that you have done the best you can to make the best possible choice for your company.

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