Pieter Kitshoff


Just a little about the founder of Kitshoff Consulting, Pieter Kitshoff, who first entered the private sector in 1994 after gaining eight years’ experience in the South African Police Services as a lead Detective and expert in giving evidence in criminal courts around the country. Pieter initially spent two years doing his National Service in the South African Air Force, he thereafter completed a 4 year trade as a Radiotrician, before joining the South African Police Services.


Pieter was selected from hundreds of applicants to join the SAP Dog Unit in 1987 and completed the Patrol Dog Handlers’ Course. He then successfully completed the SAP Explosive Course to become an Explosives Dog Handler. Pieter remained in the Dog Unit until 1992, where he was the recipient of many awards. He was also a member of the SAP Combat Shooting Team.


In 1992 Pieter was handpicked to join a crack Detective Unit that concentrated on serious and violent crime. This is where he gained valuable experience in questioning techniques, investigation of serious crime, gathering of evidence and leading evidence in courts around the country.


In 1994 Pieter joined Justicia Investigations where he held the position of Operations Director until 2010 when he left the corporate sector to establish Kitshoff Consulting, a full service private detective agency, where the focus is results orientated personal service.

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