5 Reasons to Call a Private Investigator

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5 Reasons to Call a Private Investigator

Ask anyone you know what a private investigator does and they’ll probably give you the same answer: catching unfaithful spouses in the act. Yes, while private investigators do look into their fair share of infidelities, this is not their only function. So, here’s 5 reasons to call a private investigator:

Asset Recovery

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Private investigators are often called in when people default on their home or car payments, and choose to hide the asset away from debt collectors instead of handing it over. A PI is then able to track the subject’s movements until they lead the PI to where the asset is being held.

Infidelity Investigation

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Think your husband or wife might be getting too cosy with someone else? It’s a sad day when someone is driven to the point where they hire a PI to investigate their loved one, but nobody deserves to be played for a fool. A PI will be able to track someone’s movements when they’re not at home, gathering incriminating evidence of infidelity should it be taking place at all.

Insurance Fraud

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Another one of many reasons to call a private investigator is insurance fraud investigations. Some people will sabotage their own assets, blame their malfunction on natural causes, and claim a hefty sum from their insurance provider. In the case of larger insurance claims, a private investigator is often called in to ascertain whether or not the client’s claims are true.

Custody Battles

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Custody battles are messy for everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean one can jeopardise the future of one’s children. You know how it goes; mom says dad is a philandering jerk – dad says mom is addicted to prescription medication. However, sometimes these claims ARE true and one parent lies through their teeth. One way to get around this is to prove the claim with a private investigator. If one parent really isn’t suited to raising children – they’ll find the evidence to back it up.

Business Investigations

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In the upper echelons of industry, business men with more money than they know what to do with are always looking into merger opportunities and buy-in chances. Before a company parts with their capital, however, they’ll often call in a private investigator to check out the investment opportunity before putting pen to paper. This way, they’re able to find out what the business is REALLY like, and make an informed decision based on hard facts.


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