When is a polygraph test the right choice?

When to use a polygraph test: Polygraph test

When is a polygraph test the right choice?

The polygraph test is popularly described as a lie detector. We prefer to think of it as a truth verifier. This is where the focus should be when you utilise a polygraph. The point is not to catch a liar but to find the truth. This is the main guiding principle to keep in mind as you decide when to use a polygraph test.

One objective of a polygraph test is to eliminate multiple suspects so that we can home in on the real culprit. However, it can also work when you need to ascertain one individual’s truthfulness.

Examples of when to use a polygraph test

Here are two examples to consider before ordering a polygraph.


Maybe money or stock has gone missing and you are not sure who’s to blame. Perhaps someone made a drastic mistake that could cost you a client and nobody is owning up. You have spoken to your staff and are getting a different story from everyone. You have your suspicions but you can’t confirm anything. A polygraph can help clear your confusion. Honest staff members will pass the test and get crossed off your list. Those who remain will either confess or can then justifiably face further investigation.


On the other hand, perhaps you’ve identified a candidate for a key post in your company and he or she seems absolutely perfect. Before making the commitment and offering them the position, you want to check if they’re too good to be true. Truth verification can effectively answer that question for you.

Another thing to remember is that, by law, we can only proceed with a polygraph once we have written permission from all concerned.

Often a polygraph is all that is needed to determine the truth. The pressure of having to do the test, or of having failed it, can force a confession. However, it may help to use polygraph testing in combination with one or more of our other investigative measures. Contact us to book one of our skilled polygraph examiners and to see which of our other services may be appropriate to your situation.

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