Background/Pre Employment Screening

We all want the comfort of knowing that the person we are about to hire, does in fact mean what they say, when they say it. Are they truly who they say they are? We can assist in proving their intentions with our Background and Pre Employment Screening service.


The process of Background and Pre Employment Screening assists in providing and confirming knowledge that the correct applicant is employed to represent your company. We want the perfect candidate for you and your company.


Furthermore Background and Pre Employment Screening ensures due diligence on behalf of the employer whilst minimising the risk to the company. No one has time for additional issues, and we are here to help remove the issues before they arise.

The following methods can be used to screen candidates / sub-contractors:


  • SAPS clearance – Outstanding warrants and or convictions or any illicit behaviour.
  • Pre-Employment Polygraph – to ensure proper ethics and susceptibility to criminal behaviour. To learn more about our Polygraph verification services, click here. 
  • Financial Background Check – to ascertain financial stability of subcontractor/employee
Kitshoff Consulting Background Checks
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