Why Choose Kitshoff Consulting

Why Choose Kitshoff Consulting

There are many reasons to choose a private investigator, from anonymity to finding out the truth. Even so, there are things you should make sure of before just jumping the gun and hiring an investigator. In this blog, we will squash all insecurities, and let you know why Kitshoff Consulting is the company for you!

We have the experience

Our founder, Pieter Kitshoff entered the private sector in 1994, after already gaining 8 years’ experience in the South African Police Services as a lead detective. He was also an expert in presenting criminal evidence in courts around the country. He has a plethora of different skill sets under his belt, from dog handling to being a Radiotrician.

Why our services are better


Our bodyguards are carefully screened and selected from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of the backgrounds include RSA and UK Special Forces, who are well versed in escorting high-profile individuals. When it comes to selecting the preferred bodyguard for the job, we take into account all the critical elements, and reflect them in our choice. Also, our operatives hold all of the appropriate licenses, registration and training certificates.


We truly do understand that the urge to ‘know something’ is unwavering. With the process we go about undertaking when investigating a ‘subject’, you can be sure to find out what you need to know, without anyone finding out. Anonymity is key. From fraud, to polygraph testing, we are here to help.

Vehicle Recovery

We have extensive training in the art of vehicle recovery, and we are currently contracted to leading vehicle tracking companies.

Background / Pre-Employment Screening

We are here to confirm whether or not your future staff member is who they say they are. This is done through clearance from SAPS, polygraph tests and a final financial background check. We are extremely thorough, as we understand that minimising risk in a business is very important.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) / Debugging

You may be wondering what TSCM is. Basically, it is the art of debugging an area of concealed microphones and so forth. We actually perform regular ‘sweeps’ for blue chip companies and certain government departments.


As shown above, we are truly passionate about what we do and the services we offer our clients. We have the experience, the in-field training, and a staff compliment that rivals most. We acknowledge that each situation is unique, and with that understanding we have created innovative solutions for our future and current clients.

To make use of our services, and breathe easy, click here.

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